Online accounting, also known as virtual bookkeeping, is absolutely safe.

No information should “pass” through your regular email system.

I use e-Courier – it has my logo on it so you know you’re in a secure place. E-Courier encrypts all their emails so only the receiver can visually see the content. Using a regular email service, you DO NOT KNOW what country or type of person will see your email BEFORE YOU DO!

When dealing with financially sensitive material only the best bank type security works. Online accounting software has the same encryption codes as banks, e-Courier, and other high security-minded software companies.Their reputations (and mine) are paramount to their business and yours.

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper can save you thousands of dollars through the simple scan and upload features. Not only can you upload your receipts, you can then throw them away! How efficient is that?

Being completely mobile also allows you to invoice or create a bill for a client from your phone and using “Square” or another smart phone wallet app you can accept payment on the spot. Uploading all transactions to your specified client portal allows your bookkeeper to move the transactions to where they belong.

This gives you 24/7 access to your records in real time – with banking security.

Of course, you’ll want an anti-virus, anti-spam, malware protection app on your smart phone as well for added security and sense of peace. Allow it to auto update and you should never be out of date with the latest definitions.

With online tools so readily available it makes our jobs that much easier to perform.

The downside is equipment failure. Should that happen always back up to an outside hard drive and/or the Cloud. Online accounting/bookkeeping is Cloud-based, which is why access is so cost effective. This will reduce your expenses as contact with your accountant or bookkeeper will be reduced.

I educate my clients as to the use of the software so they are comfortable using it.

(Musing: This is the coming of age with technology and all positions and jobs will eventually revolve around the virtual desk. I’m happy that I get to see and even use the technology available today, but often wonder what my great grandchildren will be doing with the technology and where it is headed. But that’s a whole other topic.)

Take comfort in knowing that your financial records are safe and secure. If you want a free consultation, please call me or email.