Exciting, you are now at the point of needing extra help to grow your business. This is good news or should be; but the question is…and really it’s the only one of the questions you should be asking:

What is the position I am hiring for?


This is a scary proposition as it means you are giving up some control in your business; but are you really giving up anything? If you feel you are giving up I would suggest you are not ready to make that move. In all reality you are not giving up anything in the slightest. You are acquiring more responsibility; not only for yourself but for the person you have chosen to take on as either a contractor or employee.

Do you have a name for the position? Have you written a job description for this position? If not why? If it is labelled “Administration” just exactly what are your expectations for this position. This title covers a broad topic and means different things to different people or businesses.

In business, clarity works best and you need to be extremely clear on this position to avoid any misunderstanding.

Advantage or Disadvantage?


Which brings us to another point – what is more advantageous to your business: Contractor or Employee?

Both have certain amount of risk. One gives you more control but is that what you really want? More control? Are you one of those people that cannot give up for fear of not being in complete control? Have you ever hired staff before other than offer your services to some one else?

There are so many advantages to out-sourcing that you will wonder why it wasn’t on your radar before this.

This is something that should have been in your business plan at the very least a five-year business plan.

Why do you want to hire someone?


Here is some food for thought. There are a few main reasons most small business owners hire someone and they are:

  1. They lack the time to do everything.
  2. Small business owners would rather spend the time developing their business rather than work in it.
  3. Some small business owners only know what they sell or develop; they are not experts in all facets of their business.

Before you consider hiring ask yourself some questions which will answer your why you are motivated to hire.


I have kept this short for several reason one of which I will share with you.

For myself, it is in my three- and five-year plan, so I am mentally and emotionally prepared for the hiring process. I have already started some job descriptions and training manuals as I am specific as to how they need to be done. Now, not only am I giving up control I am also gaining control over other aspects of my business.

I feel that for the most part, as much as we prepare there will always be something that will not go according to the best laid out plans and perhaps that is what brings small businesses to their knees. Who knows. Just do your best and keep the momentum forward moving. We learn from our mistakes. If the people around won’t let you forget your lessons (you will have already learned from the mistake) then you have the wrong people around you.

Take comfort in knowing that your financial records are safe and secure. If you want a free consultation, please call me or email.